News/Apr 3, 2017

Cirque Éloize takes it outside


Cirque Éloize invites everyone who loves Montreal to La Grande tournée to celebrate the city’s 375th anniversary throughout its different neighbourhoods. Come rediscover your borough and explore those nearby as they light up in a festive, carnival atmosphere! For 19 consecutive weekends, Cirque Éloize is presenting an exciting line-up of entertainment with a magical troupe, local artists and circus performers. The young and the young at heart are invited to take part!

Activities every minute of the day:

– In the morning, a local storyteller will transport children to a world where reality and the imagination meet.

– In the afternoon, artists and musicians will mingle with the crowds, giving performances and encouraging all ages to take part in circus and dance workshops.

– On Saturday nights, during the “Magic Hour” when the sunset lights up the sky, a joyous procession will wend its way to the foot of the stage and kick off the Magic Hour.

Show: The Magic Hour

This thriling 35-minute show transports us to a contemporary urban setting where eight characters come together then lose sight of one another. Seven circus numbers and upbeat staging make L’Heure magique an exciting spectacle of dazzling acrobatics and high emotions for audiences of all ages.

Carried by the wind, a postcard lands at the feet of one of the circus artists. She reads it and discovers a touching message that inspires her and lifts her spirits – it’s a love letter written in Montreal 25 years ago. As the acts unfold, other mysterious letters appear – each them from our beautiful city. The letters speak of love and friendship. Their words set off a whirlwind of emotions which, in turn, spark the circus performances.

In the final act, the characters at long last meet. They take the time to see one another for real, sparking hope and magic in the present moment.

The artists :

Jade Morin – Rope
David Ayotte – Chinese Pole
Nicolas Bouchard Bellemare – Cyr Wheel
Priscilla Dellazizzo – Trapeze / Dance
Alexis Bernatchez – Diabolo
Becky Prieb – Hula Hoop
Arielle Lauzon – Chinese Hoops Diving
Louis Bourgaut – Chinese Hoops Diving

For more information :

Thanks to Stageline, proud partner of Cirque Éloize, for the Magic Hour show.

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