News/Aug 26, 2021

Below the ice in Quebec City

Below the ice with Mario Cyr in Quebec

The success of the critically acclaimed immersive exhibition BELOW THE ICE WITH MARIO CYR continues at Éloize Studios in the heart of Old Montreal until October 31. Then, it’s Quebec’s turn to discover the beauty of the Far North in this unique immersive experience, presented at the Quebec City Convention Center as of December 18, 2021.

Visitors will be captivated by the spectacular landscapes of the Canadian Arctic during this unforgettable exhibition, which culminates in a virtual dive with Mario Cyr thanks to a 360-degree projection space covered by an ice ceiling. Cross paths with spectacular iceberg gardens, polar bears, walruses, narwhals, sea angels, and large marine animals. You’ll also discover the expedition’s base camp, the diving equipment, the challenges faced by the expedition team and much more!

“A fascinating Arctic voyage that aims to raise our awareness of the fragility of nature.” LE JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL

“An exhibition so stunning it brought tears to my eyes.”  98.5 FM

“A memorable exploration of the vast Canadian Arctic – above and below the ice. A moment of rare beauty and quiet contemplation.”  ICI PREMIÈRE

“A calming immersive voyage into the Canadian Arctic. Unique and unforgettable!” TVA NOUVELLES

Experience a unique and memorable adventure as you learn about the fragility of its beautiful ecosystem. Book now:

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