News/Jul 5, 2019

Golden ticket for Serge Fiori, Seul Ensemble

In Quebec City, on Wednesday, June 26th, the great media premiere of Serge Fiori, Seul Ensemble, took place at the Théâtre Capitole.

The main artisans of the show were on the red carpet: Cirque Éloize’s president and chief creative officer, Jeannot Painchaud, musical collaborator Louis-Jean Cormier, executive producer Serge Grimaux and director Benoît Landry, as well as a happy Serge Fiori, who was attending the show for the 20th time. What a surprise it was for him to be handed a golden ticket from Mayor Labeaume for the more than 50,000 tickets sold since the premiere of the show last March.

Don’t miss the chance to witness a unique musical, visual and acrobatic experience by letting yourself be transported into Serge Fiori’s poetic and colourful universe.

We look forward to seeing you at Le Capitole in Quebec City until July 14th and back in Montreal at the Théâtre Saint-Denis this fall from September 26th to October 20th.

“One of the most touching tributes paid to a Quebec artist.”

– Journal de Québec, Cédric Bélanger

“This unforgettable music and the prowess of Cirque Éloize’s members have become one to offer an incredible breath of nostalgia and magic.”

– Le Soleil, Normand Provencher

“A magical, intense, airy and unifying show around the national treasure that is Fiori’s work.”

– 102.9 FM, Marie-Noëlle Gagnon

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