News/Sep 21, 2016

iD celebrates its international success in London for its 1000th performance

On September 20, 2016, Cirque Éloize celebrated its thousandth performance of iD in beautiful London, England. After a year of shows in Acapulco in the summer, then a tour through Germany and coming soon to Heerlen in the Netherlands, the troupe will have conquered over one million spectators around the world.

Since 2009, with the creation of iD, Cirque Éloize has presented a daring, cutting-edge show that combines the circus arts with urban dance, bringing B-boying, breakdancing and hip-hop to the big-top. Jeannot Painchaud, the President and Founder of Cirque Éloize and the show’s director, had “imagined the omnipresence of the image in the city that overwhelms us.” He wanted to, “create an aesthetic somewhere between a comic book, science-fiction films and the vibrant world of graffiti. With poetic rock and electronic music and dazzling video projections, the playful, dynamic and youthful urban aspects of the show take centre stage. The setting is the heart of a city, a public space where people both seek refuge and a chance to shed their anonymity, seeking to forge their own identities and express their individuality. To retake ownership of the public space and dance in the city.”

This original Quebec creation has received excellent reviews since its debut and will soon have been presented in over 30 countries in 90 cities. It has evolved over seven years into two distinct troupes so that iD can play simultaneously all over the world.

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