The first show to tour internationally, Excentricus has wowed audiences the world over from 1997 to 2002. An ingenious blend of performing arts, the show owes its success to four things: its heart, warmth, talent and generosity. Don’t expect the standard circus fare. Instead, 17 acrobats, clowns, jugglers, trapeze artists and musicians team up to weave a rich and subtle web of emotions. Acclaimed by critics and the general public alike, Excentricus has been staged over 500 times in such prestigious international performing arts festivals as the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland, the Israel Festival in Jerusalem, the Hong Kong Festival, the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro de Bogotá in Colombia, the Recklinghausen Festival in Germany, the Bergen Festival in Norway and, more recently, at the Sydney Opera House in Australia. The show has also been presented on France’s National Stages and across the United States through the Performing Arts Center network.

Word from the Director

Seventeen artists, each unique in their special way of taking the stage, captivating the audience, flying high, hitting all the right notes and attaining weightlessness. The circus routines are an extension of each performer’s personal expression; they are springboards from which characters, emotions and theatrical journeys are carried out. The show is punctuated by the characters’ encounters with one another, creating dramatic situations as well as rhythm for the entire show. Their interplay adds vibrant colours to their skills. Their contact with the audience appears on a human level, giving away what the characters feel rather than only exposing their technique. Humour plays an important role in the show. It makes fun of trivial conflicts, looks affectionately at awkward moments and laughs at our weaknesses, letting human tenderness shine through in the process.



Nomination in the Meilleure direction photographique: variétés, humour, sitcom ou arts de la scène (Ronald Plante), Meilleur montage: variétés, humour, sitcom ou arts de la scène (Vidal Béïque, and Meilleure émission ou série des arts de la scène ou documentaire des arts (Anne-Marie Hétu, Philippe Dussault, Jacques Payette) categories.


“Cirque Eloize is breathtaking in the extreme… crazy… noisy… psychedelic… It simply has to be seen…”

—  Evening Herald, Dublin, Ireland, April 8, 2010
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