News/May 9, 2016

Cirque Éloize announces its latest creation

The Cirque Éloize team is pleased to officially announce its 11th original creation: Saloon – A Musical Acrobatic Adventure. Inspired by a rich historical and musical heritage, this new adventure promises lots more surprises. Still in the creative stage, the show will premiere on August 12 in Foxwoods, Connecticut, and then move to the Festival Western de St-Tite for its Quebec and Canadian premiere on September 9.

Imagine this: America is expanding. The railroad is snaking westward. A town comes to life. The Saloon doors swing open revealing a motley cast of characters, each with a tale to tell. In Saloon, dynamic folk music and strains of fiddle set the tone for an acrobatic comedy that sweeps up the audience in a flurry of energy. True to its origins, Cirque Éloize is creating a show that is a heady mix of theatricality, humour, acrobatics and a return to live music.

I see the saloon as a place of improbable encounters, a fabulous playground for artistic exploration. It’s also a place of opportunity, one that made us want to try something different,” says Jeannot Painchaud, President and Artistic Director of Cirque Éloize and Creative Director of Saloon.

This approach also marks the first collaboration between Cirque Éloize and the show’s Musical Director, celebrated composer Eloi Painchaud (Louis Cyr, La guerre des tuques 3D). Close to the musical roots of these Magdalen Island cousins, Saloon will mix country extracts (John Lennon, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash) with more festive, folk-inspired compositions. There will be four musicians and singers on stage, and all the artists will sing or even play an instrument.

Saloon director Emmanuel Guillaume has devised an acrobatic comedy with 10 multi-talented artists performing with exuberance and humour: “Saloon is an invitation to the party, a fertile ground for emotions where everything is permitted. It is also a meeting of different art forms that were already part of the rich heritage of this mythical place back then,” he said.

Korean plank, aerial straps, Cyr wheel, hand-to- hand, and a variety of movements tell an incredible love story where almost anything goes. Never before has a piano tuner created such a ruckus!

Entering the Saloon means meeting inspiring characters and immersing yourself in a mythical world created by live music and the exhilarating pace of spectacular acrobatic performances.

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